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Scientific American blog post

27 Sep

Last week I wrote an article for Scientific American’s ‘Guest Blog’ on why physics and philosophy go together surprisingly well – click here to have a read!

A physicist flirts with philosophy (and lives to tell the tale). Credit: M. Hillier



4 Aug

Just a quick plug for Guru, a new digital ‘science lifestyle’ magazine that was properly unveiled this week. Guru is the brainchild of Stuart Farrimond (Dr. Stu), who noticed a distinct lack of fun, jargon-free science magazines on the newsstands and decided to fill the gap.

Head over here to download issue one for free, lovingly crafted by Dr. Stu, Ben Veal, Sarah Joy, and a host of other contributors. In this issue…painting love and death, chatterbots, the art of making false memories, diet myths, Harry Potter success secrets, and a review of the Uncaged Monkeys tour by yours truly.

Guru magazine...go and download the first issue!

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