Welcome to The Soft Anonymous! This blog is my humble attempt to write about science in an accessible way, with a healthy smattering of humour, culture, and excursions into the unknown.

When I’m not rambling on about stuff here, I work as an editorial assistant at BBC Focus magazine. I’ve previously written for publications including Physics World, Cosmos, and online science magazine Guru, and in 2011 I was a finalist in the Wellcome Trust / Guardian Science Writing Prize. You can read a selection of my articles here.

I also dabble in poetry and fiction, and I’ve self-published two illustrated books for children (you can read them here), which were featured on The Guardian’s books website. I’ve also had stories published in The Caterpillar and Postcard Shorts.

Before getting the writing bug, I studied physics at Nottingham University, followed by a PhD in climate science at Reading University (my thesis topic was El Niño).

Why ‘The Soft Anonymous’? It’s a line from a Sylvia Plath poem that I thought would make a good band name. As I’m not in said band, I decided to use it for this blog instead.

The blog header image is from Codex Seraphinianus, a beautiful and surreal encyclopedia of an imagined world by Luigi Serafini.

If you have any comments or questions about my blog, you can contact me here!

James Lloyd


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    […] Thanks to illustrator V. S. Bjorge and poet  James Lloyd, who blogs at The Soft Anonymous. […]

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