Cosmology meets The Beatles

9 Nov

The amusing tale of four scientists who tried to shoehorn The Beatles into their cosmology paper:

This is from the Sixty Symbols collection of physics videos filmed by Brady Haran, a video journalist based in Nottingham, UK.

These videos have been going down a treat on YouTube, and it’s easy to see why – it’s pretty rare to see physics explained in such a personable, engaging way. I’m also probably a little bit biased, as I spent my halcyon undergraduate days in the Nottingham Uni physics department.

If physics isn’t your bag, Brady has also filmed video series on chemistry (Periodic Table of Videos), theology (Bibledex), food (Foodskey), language (Words of the World), and, erm, trees! He also recently launched two new projects about maths (Numberphile) and astronomy (Deep Sky Videos). Phew! To call this man prolific wouldn’t do him justice…


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