Songs of Science #1: Monty Python

20 Jul

Seeing as my last blog was music-based, I’ve been looking for an excuse to get some songs on here for a while. So, I’ve decided to start posting my favourite tracks that are in some way connected to the world of science. There are just two rules: no Muse and no David Bowie (too obvious!).

To kick things off, here’s an astronomy-themed tune (“The Galaxy Song”) from the final Monty Python film, The Meaning of Life, sounding a little like Brian Cox gone cabaret…

I’m not sure how scientifically accurate some of the lyrics are (full geektastic breakdowns are available here and here), but who am I to argue with the men who filmed this. And for all the other Python lovers out there, here’s another vaguely scientific song from the same film.


2 Responses to “Songs of Science #1: Monty Python”

  1. Chaotic Exotics October 2, 2011 at 6:11 pm #

    — James Ph.Kotsybar

    We can see fourteen billion light years out.
    For those still here a million years from now,
    more light will have traveled to them, no doubt,
    the million light years that space will allow.

    Distant descendants may not see much more,
    however, than what we can now observe.
    Despite larger radius to explore,
    their view won’t be a sight they can conserve,
    because space itself goes faster than light,
    as it expands relatively through time.
    This perspective’s loss is ever the plight
    throughout our universe’s known lifetime.

    We daily lose ability to see the
    things furthest back in our history.


  1. Songs of science #2: The Shins « the.soft.anonymous - October 5, 2011

    […] good science-themed songs out there – you’ve just got to dig a bit. I posted one of them in July, and here’s another: “A Comet Appears” by The […]

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