Extinction Poems

2 May

The Feral Theatre blog recently published a selection of poems on the topic of extinction, written by students at the South Camden Community School. Here’s a couple of my favourites, about the Steller’s sea cow and the thylacine (animals I hadn’t even heard of before, let alone know that they were extinct!).

Steller’s Sea Cow Speaks

Illustration of Steller's sea cows by F. John, 1902

Nature made me
But I feel as if I’ve lost protection

Nature made me
Yet I feel as if nature itself
doesn’t know who I am

Nature made me
But I’m under constant threat
from those superior to me

Nature made me
Somehow I had this natural feeling
that you too would care enough for me

Nature made me
So I thought you would love me
as your fellow companion

Nature made me
And for my fate there was zero creation
because now it ends.

By Fama, Y10

Eulogy to the Great Thylacine

Thylacine digital collage, by The Contextual Villains

O the great Thylacine
Your stripes are outstanding and worth looking at
Those mighty jaws of yours are very
So much that no-one would dare to look away.

You are your own animal
Nothing can match your unique looks.
You are the mighty king of all animals!
You will always be remembered.

The last Thylacine was killed by a human.
Please don’t take revenge on humans.

By Mahid Sulley and Yasmin Ahmed

Read all of the extinction-themed poems here, with, refreshingly, not a dodo in sight!


2 Responses to “Extinction Poems”

  1. Chaotic Exotics October 1, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    — James Ph. Kotsybar

    I’m an endangered species,
    without a safeguard group
    or natural habitat,

    forced to adapt to rap,
    made to migrate to tweet
    or consigned to academic zoo.

    I’m the last salmon,
    gasping upstream —
    not mainstream,
    just an estuarine trickle.
    I’m the lone, savannah lion,
    without pride.

    I am an American poet,
    but this is the twenty-first century,
    and literacy’s lost relevance in this land.

    I’m a living oxymoron —
    not in the sense of livelihood or living wage,
    just still in existence – hoping to leave a fossil record.

  2. alannah December 14, 2017 at 8:27 pm #

    this poem is amazin!

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